1981 Established Crown F.G. Co., Ltd.
Design, production, sales and distribution of stationery and plastic products.
1993 Established Crown Creative Department, by unifying Licensing Department and Planning division.
Became an exclusive distributor of KANGOL.
1994 Launched licensing program for CHOOP.
1998 Became an exclusive master licensee of street casual brands including, DuFFS(1995), BESCHWA(1995), WORLD INDUSTRIES(1996), Club usa(1996), E.G.SMITH(1996) and ECKO UNLIMITED.
2000 Adding street casual brands license programs including 118 and Sly Skateboards, and fashion brands such as KANSAI NEW YORK tied up with Kansai Super Studio (2001).
2002 Acquired KANGOL brand (Japan only, except headwear) and became trademark owner.
2003 Launched licensing program for LOVE RABBY (2002) and expand franchise concept shops into Asia.
2004 Changed the company name to Crown Creative Co., Ltd.
Acquired BA-TSU brand and became trademark owner.
2005 Launched licensing program for RebeccaBonbon by Yuko Shimizu, the original creator of Hello Kitty.
2006 Became licensing agent for GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS.
Launched licensing program for SUGAR&BABE(2007)and SOVIET(2007).
2008 Established Oversea marketing division, appointed FremantleMedia as master licensee of RebeccaBonbon.
Became an exclusive master licensee of various properties including Cartoon Network Block Party!, UNESCO as World Heritage, BUKTA(2009) and USAVICH.
2010 Became licensing agent for POPEYE VOYAGE, Big Boy and Coji Coji, Gummy Bear(2011) and Greyhound(2012) and Moz(2013) .
Launched licensing program for DUCKIN POP, Braniff International.
Launched direct retail programs with global retailers including H&M (2012), Sears Holding with over 500 SKU and Build-A-Bear (2012).
2014 Became an exclusive master licensee of Pets Rock.
Became licensing agent for kitson.
2016 Became an exclusive master licensee of Britty 5 which produced by Michiko Koshino.
Launched licensing program for Hanes, ELLE Travel.
Established Kitson Co., Ltd. In Japan, and acquired worldwide trademark rights including Japan.
2017 Became an exclusive master licensee of DC DALGLIESH, House of Tartan, Panda Protection Institute of Japan
Launched licensing program for 5 LAKES&MT with SANYO SHOKAI LTD. Produced by Tokichi Kimura.
2019 Became licensing agent for YAHOO! JAPAN character “Kensaku & Enjin”.
Became licensing agent for Junko Koshino’s character “SUPER JUNKO”.
Became licensing agent for WWE
2020 Became licensing agent for Dayan the Cat in WachiField , Steve McQueen and Albert Einstein.
Launched KANGOL STORE and KANGOL SALON in Harajyuku
Acquired Naminoritatsujin brand and became trademark owner.
2021 Became master licensee of TONY HAWK
2022 Became licensing agent for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS
2023 Became master licensee of KAPALUA